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Inês Azevedo, Energy Science & Engineering Associate Professor

Inês Azevedo says courses and curriculum in the new school will broaden the scope of sustainability to include issues in the dimensions of science for sustainability, engineering for sustainability, economics and policy design for sustainability, and will provide opportunities to have more engagement with communities and decision makers.

Soheil Esmaeilzadeh, PhD ‘21

“All the valuable practical skills that I learned at Stanford have put me in an ideal position to pursue my dream of making the world a better place to live in.” 

Meet Soheil

Molly Hayes, BS '14

How does a degree in energy resources engineering lead to a job with the biggest name in basketball? For Molly Hayes, BS ’14, it’s a combination of a lifelong devotion to sports and a background in engineering.

Meet Molly

Beibei Wang, PhD '19

Beibei Wang, Energy Resources Engineering PhD ’19, admits there are some differences between what she studied at Stanford and her current work as a data scientist for LinkedIn.

Meet Beibei

Amir Hossein Delgoshaie, PhD '19

Growing up in Iran, Amir Hossein Delgoshaie remembers being interested in energy from a young age. “My dad worked in the power industry and I was always fascinated by this kind of work. To me, it felt like the ultimate form of engineering to understand how these essential technologies like gas turbines functioned and how to make them better.”

Meet Amir

Andea Scott, BS ' 20, MS '22

As an undergraduate, Andea Scott, ’20, loved the coursework for her major in energy resources engineering: chemistry, physics, computer science, and courses like Sustainable Energy for Nine Billion. But she reached outside of her own department to look for a field research opportunity.

Meet Andea

Jack Norbeck, PhD '16

“It’s essential that the world makes the transition very quickly to renewable energy. We know that there are a lot of systemic issues involved. Geothermal has unique traits that can help to ease that process,” said Jack Norbeck, Energy Resources Engineering PhD ‘16. Norbeck is working on bringing geothermal energy to the world in his role as co-founder of Fervo Energy. Geothermal is a zero-carbon emission, renewable energy source. However, it isn’t used as commonly as solar or wind in many places because “current technology is limited to niche geological locations,” he said. “The technology we’re working on at Fervo Energy would allow us to further explore and utilize these sources.”

Meet Jack

Adam Brandt, Professor of Energy Science & Engineering

Professors Adam Brandt and Rob Jackson see a way for energy companies and consumers to save money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

Meet Adam

Victoria Mao, BS ’17

“I’m excited to figure out how my skills and background will help me do good in the world, and I want to feel challenged, like there’s always something new, something I can learn from,” said Victoria Mao, ’17, who earned a bachelor’s in Energy Resources Engineering.

Meet Victoria

Jonnie Kipyator, BS ‘17, MS ‘18

“My dream is to make mini grids and micro grids the next big thing. More and more people are needing electricity and I want to take that to the next level,” said Jonnie Kipyator, BS ’17, MS ’18.

Meet Jonnie