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Energy Science and Engineering Department Mission

ESE's mission is to develop the engineering science and educate the future leaders needed to transform global energy supply, production/conversion, storage, and use to achieve energy sustainability. We combine theory, experiment, and simulation to transform the global energy system to sustain the people and the planet.

Hamdi Tchelepi, Professor of Energy Science & Engineering (ESE) and Department Chairperson awards degrees to recent graduates.

A Letter From the Department Chair

Welcome to the Department of Energy Science and Engineering (ESE) in the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability (SDSS).

The ESE department is a leader in research and teaching on energy topics. We are working to transform the global energy system to one that is low-carbon, clean, accessible, and sustainable. We combine theory, experiments, and computations to address a wide range of areas that include energy supply, resource production, materials, storage, and use.

The ESE department has an exceptional group of faculty. Our research covers many aspects of subsurface engineering, including conventional and unconventional resource production, geothermal reservoirs, and geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide. The synthesis, production, and storage of hydrogen is another important focus areas. We also study battery design and control, develop methods for monitoring and reducing anthropogenic methane emissions, model and optimize energy systems at different scales, and perform life-cycle analysis of energy technologies.

ESE has 20 faculty members, with about half holding joint appointments with other departments on campus. The Department enjoys strong relationships with leading research organizations and the global energy industry. Many of our alumni hold leadership positions in industry and academia.

Hamdi Tchelepi
Professor and Chair