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ESE Alumni Mentoring Program

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Stanford ESE’s Alumni Mentoring Program was established in 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to provide students with additional support and guidance. The program has continued to serve as a bridge between current students and alumni.

Our mentoring program offers a unique opportunity for students to interact with individuals who have studied and researched many of the same topics, earned a related energy degree, and who have successfully navigated and influenced the industry after graduation.

The relationships formed between students and alumni are invaluable. Students learn about future career paths, gain perspective on industry and academia, and benefit from advice on a wide range of topics. Alumni maintain an awareness of what is happening in the department and of its emerging talents. It is also a wonderful way for alumni to give back to the department and its students.

We encourage students and alumni to participate in the mentoring program. It is an enriching experience for all.

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