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Research Groups

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Our research groups focus on optimizing oil recovery from petroleum reservoirs, carbon capture and sequestration, efficient geothermal engineering, clean and efficient energy conversions, and renewable energy.

Environmental Assessment & Optimization (Brandt)

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Interdisciplinary Energy Systems (Azevedo)

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Multiscale Physics in Energy (Battiato)

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Physics-based Energy Control Lab (Onori)

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Industrial Affiliate Research Programs

Our industrial affiliate programs conduct research and expose our students to a wide array of real world problems in energy resources.

Industrial Affiliates Programs at Stanford provide a mechanism for multiple faculty and multiple companies to discuss and explore broad research topics in a pre-competitive environment.

Affiliates Programs follow the rules that govern gifts. While member companies may offer suggestions, faculty must be free to select research and teaching topics, methodology, and participants. 

“The complexity, magnitude, and urgency of climate change and sustainability are such that no single institution can, by itself, tackle it. Partnerships are essential. In launching the Doerr School, it is clear that we will need to collaborate with other organizations. We also have the responsibility to examine and ensure that our partnerships align with our values, vision, and ambition.”

“To most effectively and urgently combat climate change, we need to have an “all hands on deck” approach. Companies committed to fighting climate change that have transnational scale, industrial know-how and financial resources should be welcome allies in this fight. They can enable innovations and breakthroughs in academia, which are invariably at the laboratory-scale, to be rapidly scaled up for global impact.” – Arun Majumdar, Dean of Stanford Doerr Schoool of Sustainability (from his May 2022 Message)

SCERF: Stanford Center for Earth Resources Forecasting

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SUETRI-A: Subsurface Engineering for the Energy Transition

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Stanford Earth Sciences Algorithms & Architectures (SESAAI)

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