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Professional Education

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Energy Science & Engineering will conduct a series of short courses in our campus facilities, in July through August. The courses are intended as refresher or update classes for engineers and scientists in the oil industry. The classes may not be credited to a Stanford University degree.

Reservoir Simulation (CEU 3 Hours)

This course will cover both fundamentals and selected advanced topics in reservoir simulation. It is intended for simulation developers and users who wish to strengthen their understanding of the fundamentals of this technology. The emphasis of the course is on the mathematical description and physical understanding of the underlying equations. Though the emphasis of the course is not on the actual use of a simulator, the practical implications of many of the concepts will be discussed.

Date: TBD
$4,000 USD

Modern Well Test Analysis (CEU 2 Hours)

This course will cover both the philosophy and the practice of well test analysis and design, in the context of modern, computer-aided approaches. The course will use a series of real well test examples. These examples include a wide variety of different kinds of tests from operating fields worldwide. Participants will have the opportunity for hands-on practice using computers during the course, and may also bring along data of their own for discussion or investigation.

Date: TBD
$2,000 USD